Mulch and Bed Maintenance / Toledo

Mulching flower beds will reduce the amount of maintenance they will need and keeps them looking their best. It also helps to retain moisture needed to grow healthy plants and it saves a lot of water.....but.... too much mulch can cause root rot. We will help you figure out what is needed to get your flower and landscaping beds back in shape.

Our Other Services Include:

Weekly Lawn Mowing Service

Includes Mowing, trimming, edging of all walks and driveways and blower cleanup of all hard surfaces and walkways.

Bush Trimming Service

Includes trimming and shaping of bushes, shrubs, perennials, small trees and hedges.

Tree Trimming

Includes removing dead or damaged wood, pruning and care of your fruit trees to bring them the best possibility of a good yield and to keep them healthy. This can be done anytime but is best in the winter and early spring. 

Cleanups for Spring, Fall, Storms, Real estate listing.

We do property cleanups in the spring and fall. Fallen limbs and debris from storms and real estate listing cleanups/ mulch are also included the cleanup services we offer. Ask us about your need and we will get you a quote.

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