Wiser Lawn is a team of experienced Lawn Care ServiceProfessionals focused specifically on turf and landscape in North Kitsap County. We service both commercial and residential properties.

So how much does Lawn Maintenance cost?

Welcome! We are excited to help you budget for a lawn service. So lets get started.

THere are 3 things to consider when researching.

  • How big and complex is your property to maintain?
  • How often do you want it cut and maintained?
  • Do you want clippings removed

How big and How Complex is your lawn?

  1. The fact is that no 2 lawns are the same. Having said that we have been doing this for a long time so it doesnt take long to figure out what it will take to maintain a lawn. Size and level of difficulty are the 2 main factors. So on to the next question!

So how often? weekly biweekly or once a month....

Weekly Service - (recommended)

  1. This will be the least expensive per service, usually between 35-65 per service for a residential lawn because your lawn is being maintained the most often and is thus easier on the equipment and takes the least amount of time per visit to service.
  2. Your lawn will be thicker because the grass is not trying to feed energy into long blades of grass but into shorter ones so instead of longer it gets thicker.
  3. A thicker lawn also naturally chokes out plants that you don't want in your lawn like weeds and moss.

Biweekly Service

  1. This will be a littlemore, usually between 45-75 per service for a residential lawn because it is harder on the equipment and takes longer per service. That especially goes for those lawns where bagging the grass is needed.
  2. Your lawn will probably not be as green as it could be because its not being pruned to produce thicker growth and is using lots of energy on long blades instead.
  3. A biweekly lawn will also naturally produce more weeds unless weed control is used because you are giving any foreign seed 2 weeks to germinate and take off toward the sky.
  4. Lastly it is a general rule of thumb that when mowing a lawn you should never cut off more than 25-35% of the blades length. The reason is that the grasses roots begin just below that and you can end up cutting the roots of the grass rather than the blade thus slowly killing sections of your lawn if you wait too long between cuts. Case in point - One of the reasons that they can cut a putting green almost everyday is that the roots stay deep because they are never given a chance to get above ground.

Monthly Service

Monthly service is usually for a property that you need to maintain but just don't desire to look like your front lawn does. Properties that would apply would be fields and vacant lots..... Sometimes its to keep authorities off your back rather than to pay those wonderful nusence  fines or to keep it from getting out of control so larger plants and trees don't take over. Properties where monthly service is desired are best estimated by looking at the property because there might be a certain amount of cleanup that needs to be done before regular mowing can happen.