Wiser Lawn LLC is a team of experienced lawn care service professionals in Toledo Ohio. Our services include mowing, landscape maintenance, cleanups, mulch and fruit tree care. We service residential & commercial properties. Fill out the free estimate form we will get back to you.

So how much does Lawn Maintenance cost?

THere are 2 things to consider when researching.

  • How big and complex is your property to maintain?
  • Do you want clippings removed

How big and How Complex is your lawn?

  1. The fact is that no 2 lawns are the same. Having said that we have been doing this for a long time so it doesnt take long to figure out what it will take to maintain a lawn. Size and level of difficulty are the 2 main factors. So on to the next question,

Weekly Mowing Service

  1. This will be the least expensive per service,  your lawn is being maintained the most often and is thus easier on the equipment and takes the least amount of time per visit to service.
  2. Your lawn will be thicker because the grass is not trying to feed energy into long blades of grass but into shorter ones so instead of longer it gets thicker.
  3. A thicker lawn also naturally chokes out plants that you don't want in your lawn like weeds and moss.